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Our Aims

The aim of our academy is to revolutionize the coaching pattern in areas like skill and mental development, technique, physical fitness and players’ decision making ability through our team of expert coaches so that the players’ learning process improves and gives them the confidence to excel at highest levels, not only in the area of sports but life in general.

Our academy provides coaching not only for practice purposes but we guide players to prepare for matches, give them tips regarding strategies, laws of cricket, to have positive mind set, be motivated and showcase the best of themselves. We also guide players regarding self esteem, goal setting and how to cope with pressures and mistakes, prevent injuries from occurring and regarding the value of healthy food habits.

More than 60 players of our academy have played for B.C.C.I. Under-14, Under-16, Under 19, Under 25 and Ranji trophies which clearly indicate our pattern and capabilities. There is plenty in store for every young and budding player at Abhijeet Sinha Cricket Academy.

There are millions who dream of playing good cricket. Abhijeet Sinha Cricket Academy helps some of them realise their dreams successfully.